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Web Designing is one of the most important part of any IT company. With IT sector spreading its cover all across the globe, demand of web designers has also increased. In today’s age where the internet plays the most important role in business and personal communication, demand of professional and personal websites has increased tremendously and so of the web designers. Today the web industry offers many web designing jobs although the hiring ratio is not at par with the other IT careers.

Web design is an interesting and rapidly changing field, assisted by the growth of Multimedia.

Websites are not just a simple platform; they are highly artistic, engaging, the perfect presentation card for any institution, company or group.

Websites need to be designed to be compliant with standards and guidelines to ensure that they are quickly accessible through different platforms, such as PCs, Macs, mobiles, PDAs and digital television.

Together with the technical specification, websites need to be fun, attractive, clear and right to the point.

What We Offer

Certificate in Web Designing( Duration : 6 months )

This covers all basic softwares and languages required by a web designer role specified by industry

Diploma in Web Designing( Duration : 12 months )

This covers all tools and languages required by a web designer along with some specialization supporting web designer role, which maximizes job opportunities

Course Eligibility

Under-graduates till HSC or Graduates from any stream.

Print or Graphic designer wishing to go for new options

Course Scope

A web designer can be absorbed in different fields such as advertising agencies, publishing, audio-visual media, design studios, printers and typesetters, manufacturers and department stores, marketing firms, exhibits and displays and educational institutes and libraries.

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